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Survey Says: Consumers Support Solutions to Improve Health Care Affordability


Published Sep 8, 2022 • by AHIP

Every American deserves access to affordable, comprehensive, high-quality health coverage and care. But rising health care costs continue to be a top concern for consumers nationwide, especially during a time of high inflation.

AHIP’s Healthier People Through Healthier Markets roadmap outlines solutions to improve health care affordability and access for every American. According to a recent survey conducted by Locust Street Group on behalf of AHIP, American consumers who receive health coverage through their jobs strongly support several of these solutions, including:

  • Nearly 80% of consumers (78%) support preventing physicians from charging unnecessary administrative fees and mark-ups for medical services. Support was high across parties including among Democratic (80%), Republican (76%), and swing voters (76%).
  • Over three-quarters of consumers (76%) support protections against hospitals gaining monopoly power from consolidating, merging, and acquiring other hospitals or medical practices.
  • 75% said they support defending consumers against paying more for the same treatment based on where a medical service was delivered.

Click here to view the survey results.