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AHIP Direct

AHIP’s Direct programs are designed to help health insurance providers take their businesses to the next level. They specialize in such areas as health savings accounts, disease management, and preferred provider networks. This targeted network offers access to the people and resources that can help you identify new avenues for growth, explore innovative solutions, and contain costs.

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For more information about AHIP’s Direct programs, contact the AHIP Membership Department at 202.778.8502 or email us.

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PPO Direct

Health insurance providers, payers, and administrators are continually searching for new ways to expand their provider networks and better serve their customers. PPO Direct Members offer options for enhancing health providers’ networks, as well as related administrative services. To explore the benefits of partnering with a PPO Direct Member, click on the logos below:

PPO Direct Members

TPA Direct

In the highly competitive health care marketplace, health insurance providers and other stakeholders are vigilant about finding cost-effective ways to streamline their back office operations and business processes. Outsourcing one or more functions to a third-party administrator (TPA) can be a smart solution. To explore the benefits of partnering with a TPA Direct Member, click on the logos below:

TPA Direct Member

DM Direct

Disease management (DM) is a pillar of modern care management. Staying ahead in this essential and fast-changing are can be a challenge. DM Direct Members offer expert guidance to health providers searching for disease management products and services as well as strategies and programs that will help advance their DM initiatives, improve care, and manage costs. To connect with DM Direct Members, click on the logos below:

DM Direct Members

HSA Direct

With the continued popularity and growth of health savings accounts (HSAs), many health insurance providers are searching for better ways to launch an HSA program or enhance their existing offerings. The HSA Direct program introduces health insurance providers to financial institutions and custodians that can provide the information, ideas, and strategic insights that underpin successful high deductible health insurance products. To learn more about HSA Direct Members, click on the logos below:

HSA Direct Members