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Conversations in Care

Conversations in Care is a special series of The Next Big Thing in Health where we come together to have frank, honest, and heartfelt conversations about the defining issues in health care, with care.

How to Close Health Care Gaps: Pooja Mittal

There have never been so many pathways to getting quality health care — but barriers still exist. Disparities are real for many people, including those in racial and ethnic minorities, less privileged socioeconomic communities, and underserved rural populations.

Pooja Mittal, DO, chief health equity officer for Health Net, joined Conversations in Care host Robert Traynham for a conversation about health equity and Health Net’s work, including a first-of-its-kind health improvement project in Los Angeles County, California, that provides doulas for Black women through a community-based partnership.

Hear more of Dr. Mittal’s thoughts on how to improve health equity, the power of community partnerships in addressing social determinants of health, and the importance of building relationships and connecting with the community.

The more that we can create an ecosystem of care that supports people in the community where they're at, the better that we can support people's needs around everything with their health, including loneliness.
Pooja Mittal, DO, Chief Health Equity Officer for Health Net

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