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AHIP Hearing Statement to Senate Finance Committee on Consolidation and Competition

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AHIP Submits Solutions to Senate Finance Committee for Improved Competition, Affordability, Access, & Value in Health Care

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Published on Jun 8, 2023

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Every American deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care. With this commitment, AHIP[1] thanks the Committee for its attention to the issue of consolidation in health care, and their goal of supporting competitive markets which are essential to improving affordability for patients.

Promoting Healthy Competition

The American health care system has been tested in extraordinary ways in recent years, and it has proved resilient and durable, thanks to unprecedented collaboration between the private sector and the government. Yet, Americans continue to see health care prices escalate year after year, a direct result of health system and drug manufacturer markets where there is little to no competition. In markets where competition exists – for example, when there are several, independent local hospitals, or low-cost generic drugs – private negotiations work to make health care more affordable, spur innovations such as value-based agreements and integrated care models, and provide Americans with more choices for their care. We support the bipartisan momentum of the Committee toward greater affordability and access through robust competition that is essential to providing Americans with more choices, better quality, and lower costs. We are committed to working with the Committee as well as other health care leaders to take decisive action to achieve these goals.

AHIP is the national association whose members provide health care coverage, services, and solutions to hundreds of millions of Americans every day. We are committed to committed to ensuring that Americans have access to affordable, comprehensive, high-quality, and equitable coverage and care.