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Showcase Your Breakthroughs at an AHIP Conference

Sep 16, 2023 - May 31, 2024

Does your health insurance provider organization have timely news about a breakthrough that’s guiding greater health for more Americans? Tell your story during an educational session at one of AHIP’s conferences. You’ll join health care experts, innovators, and visionaries who are focused on powering health care’s transformation.


Will speakers be registered for an event if their proposal is selected for presentation?

Upon the selection of your session proposal for presentation at any of AHIP's 2024 conferences, AHIP will extend a complimentary conference registration for that event for confirmed speakers.

Will vendor session proposals be considered for presentation through the Call for Innovations program?

No, session proposals submitted from vendors promoting a product or service will be forwarded to our Business Development Team for consideration and follow-up.

Can one organization submit multiple proposals?

Yes, one organization can submit more than one proposal for consideration at one or more AHIP 2024 conferences.

What are the word limits for each type of proposal?

Your proposed session title should be 80 characters or less. Your proposed session description should be 500 characters or less.

Is in-person attendance required to present at this conference?

All selected speakers slated to present during the AHIP 2024 conferences are expected to participate in person, ensuring the vibrancy and engagement of the sessions.

What are the session types that AHIP accepts (or prefers) for concurrent sessions?

AHIP accepts the following presentation types for concurrent sessions: panel presentation, fireside chat, point-counter-point debate, or solo presentation.

If a proposal is found to be misaligned with the topic area initially selected, will this misalignment automatically disqualify the proposal from consideration?

No, the session proposal won’t be disqualified from consideration if it aligns with topics different than what was indicated on the submission form.

Can proposals be aligned with multiple priority areas?

Yes, session proposals can be aligned with up to 3 topic areas.

How will sessions be moderated?

AHIP will carefully choose prominent health care executives and influential thought leaders to act as moderators for the approved session proposals.

For panel presentation submissions, do we need to outline individual presentations within the panel or just the idea for the entire panel?

For panel presentation submissions, you will need to outline the idea for the entire panel on the submission form. You will not need to outline individual presentations.

When we are notified of acceptance, will we also be notified of our presentation date and time?

If you are notified that your session proposal has been accepted for presentation at a 2024 event, you will be provided with a suggested time and date for your session.

Will you provide proposal-specific feedback on proposals that weren’t selected?

No. Due to the number of proposals we receive, we cannot provide proposal-specific feedback on each session proposal we receive.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact Tiffany Jones ( or Jasmine Phiri ( for assistance.